Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Crazy 550 Macaron Weekend Recap

550 macarons in three days.  Ten different flavored shells, ten different fillings.  Was it crazy?


Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat!

I prepped Thursday night by measuring out all of my ingredients and partitioning everything that I possibly could.  I split over forty eggs and kept the whites aging in my fridge, and had a ton of little baggies full of powdered sugar, almond meal, and granulated sugar.  It took a few hours to get everything measured out, but it saved me a ton of time in the end.  

Disregard the beakers.
My pantry was also adorned with fresh vanilla beans, espresso powder, cocoa, matcha, apple cider, too much chocolate to count, and so much more.  My fridge, along with housing an unhealthy amount of heavy cream and eggnog, looked like a drug deal was going down.  

200 gram bags of the good stuff.  
Because I did all of the shells first and then proceeded to do the fillings, I'm going to break up each entry flavor by flavor, starting in order of how I baked them.  Because the shells freeze so nicely, I was able to store them in the freezer while they awaited their fillings.

It's a good thing my freezer was empty. 
Why was I making so many macarons at once?  We had a super cool shindig at work where you could sell whatever you wanted, (or the event to remind all of the employees how hard their plan B jobs are and why they shouldn't quit), and I was traveling for Thanksgiving so I was unable to start until the weekend before.  

Tomorrow's flavor...pomegranate shells with a pomegranate dark chocolate ganache!  Stay tuned.  

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